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  • The hotel front
  • The Takayama city area
  • The JR Takayama Station area
  • Hotakadake, Kasagatake
  • Mt. Goro Kurobe
  • Norikuradake
Takayama Green Hotel

We photograph parking lot and Hotel outskirts from hotel 9F in real time! We move camera to you like position and can see.

  • When picture is not displayed, please change [compatible indication setting].
    Change of setting is easily completed by 2 steps. For more information, look here.
  • ・Installation of ActiveX control JpegInst .cab (pmjpegcam Class/Panasonic Communications Co,Ltd) may be necessary to look at live camera depending on environment of PC of use.
  • ・We maintain system and may suspend.

We introduce live camera of sightseeing spot of neighborhood as well as hotel!

Live camera world heritage Shirakawago

We look at big image

World heritage Shirakawago

World heritage Shirakawago which is famous for thatched roof house
State of quiet joining hands village is provided by parking lot!

We check this

Shirakawago thatched roof house best shot point to put thatched roof house in camera well

Around Takayama city

We see in Google Map

In front of Takayama-jinya

Government office where chief administrator and grieve worked at Takayama-jinya.
It is mentioned culture of Edo.

We check this

The seven wonders of "Takayama-jinya"

We look at big image

We look at big image


Red Nakahashi who shines in snow well in spring in cherry tree, winter.
It is sure that we feel atmosphere in old cityscape to expect from bridge, thing.

We check this

Best spot cherry tree and Nakahashi of spring Takayama festival

Winter Nakahashi that snow and contrast of bridge are beautiful

Miya River morning market street

We deliver just what constant seller of sightseeing in city, Miya River morning market are held in real time♪

We check this

We walk highlight introduction Miya River morning market of Miya River morning market pitter-patter

Live camera morning market street

We look at big image

Live camera **kyo

We look at big image


In **kyo spanning Miya River of Takayama
Image of "kleptomaniac legendary man with long legs" appearing in fairy tale!

We leave Takayama sightseeing!
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