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Hida Kokubun-ji Temple big ginkgo tree
(the country designation natural monument middle of November)
photo by ikedo

We color in late fall

Huge tree of gingko nut

We cover the ground

Carpet of money

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Large communal bath which had five star

Japanese garden where heart feels at ease, guest room of a space.

By hospitality to add bloom to memory of trip

We meet all of you.

At our hotel Japanese dishes, western dishes, Chinese food,
We have abundant buffet and eating facility,
Taste of Hida which hometown including Hida beef and seasonal ingredients is proud of
We prepare to you like dishes.

In addition, toward the couple room with open-air bath,
We can eat toward with child at ease
Information for plan in exclusive venue
Various options in response to your request
We provide.

Seasonal recommendation plan

Formal percent

Popular plan of our hotel becomes advantageous at official site-limited discount. Furthermore, reservation privilege runs out♪
"Formal percent" and listed plan apply.For more information:

List of plans, introduction is here

Sightseeing in option attached to accommodation is here

Takayama sightseeing to be able to turn around casually is rusaa - Hida Takayama in special site ankini time at a loss for

Four charm of Takayama Green Hotel

Hida Takayama Green Hotel guide